Patron saint with 24-hour Vital Signs Monitoring + Habit-developing Supervision + Health Ambassador + Env. assessment + Falling Detection

Vital Signs MonitoringGathering info of parents' pulses curve regularly, analyzing blood pressure, heart rate etc., analyzing data automatically. Support cloud storage. Early warning.

Habit-developing SupervisionRecording calorie consumption data, step counting, recess.

Health Patron AppEasier for children to check their parents’ health conditions, data changing trends and tele-manage jWotch by installing our app, Health Ambassador.

Environment assessment GPS/GPRS orientation in and out door. Backstage listens up in case of any emergency.

Private doctor for 24 hours

Private doctor for 24 hours Our experts will analyze the user’s health conditions according to the data, issue comprehensive reports regularly and send them to their children. JWotch can connect to blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fat and temperature machines. All the data will upload to our platform automatically, making experts’ analysis reliable.
24-hour Rescue Team
24-hour Rescue Team Assure unoccupied line + Assure to be found+Assure to be answered + Assure nearest ambulance + Assure sending SOS information instantly + Assure synchronized parents ’information + Assure correct self

Assure special telephone line China Unicom opens a life channel, a special telephone line for jWotch users.

Assure to be foundWith GPS/GPRS orientation, you can get your parents’ orientation and movement track as soon as you point on the app. Besides, it supports remote setting.

Assure to be answered When your parents cannot connect with emergency call or you, it will automatically send text messages to you.

Assure nearest ambulanceUsers’ information will be synchronized and transmissed to 1200 interconnected system of over 90 cooperated aid centers.

Assure sending SOS information instantlyYour parents only need to press one button after binding your relatives to this product and call for them any time.

Assure synchronized parents’ informationAfter binding relatives to this product, your parents can connect you any time.

Assure correct self-savingOur experts will use 10 minutes to guide your parents how to save yourself in a correct way.

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